Hello world!

Good Morning People!!

I am, for all intents and purposes, Magzmama.  I’m also a person who is unemployed after a 14 year stint at a major entertainment company, is married to a foreigner that is a MAJOR pain in my ass, and a mortgage paying suburban pseudo rebel!

I love tattoos.  I mean it. I’m still in the process of collecting ideas for work I want done, and I’m great at helping others design the work they want.  I currently have three tattoos and am sketching out a half sleeve idea.  I have another website called TattooCurrent which is the sister site of my original HairCurrent.  Both of these sites are set up to collect photos of great work in both Ink and Hair.  I also want to fan it out and give contact information for those who are interested in contacting the artist they’d like to use for either.

I’m excited to get this started and want to hear your feedback!

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