Money Matters



Wow. What an awesome tattoo this would be! Artwork by Octavio Ocampo. 

I am jonesing for my next ink.

I wish I could buy one of those POP bracelets that you get at amusement parks for a tattoo show/convention, and just hit every artist who’s work I adore and get a smorgasbord of my ideas with their creativity tattooed to my body!!

But I can’t.  I was saving a little for my next tattoo (a buddha with a smile and thought bubbles connecting to an old tattoo plus a few new ones) but then decided that this money would really be better spent on a birthday party for the kiddo.  Clearly that’s the priority, but there’s that 15 year old in me going “oh come ON!! My thing will be for life! She’s gonna have a party for a DAY!”  LOL.  I can really be so stupid!  Plus, I’m not working, so there’s no way I can do it now.  I just hate to wait.  I’m a double Leo, and there really isn’t much I want, but when I want something, I WANT IT NOW!  Nearly 47 and I still haven’t grown up!

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