My Kiddo

I have a little girl.  She’ll be 6 soon, and I totally love her.  She’s my favorite human being.

She’s very shy and it gets in her way with school.  At home she’s loud and demanding, she pretends she’s Kat Von D, which is really funny, I have to say!  But at school she’s a little meek mouse.

The other night she forced me to watch a Barbie movie with her.  At one point, Barbie, in all her infinite plastic wisdom, said “my grandmother says that what other people think of me is none of my business”.  Isn’t that great??  Amidst all that pink fluff, there was a mini-gem hiding.  I think if I had heard that and absorbed it as a child, I would have friggin’ relished it!  I’ve always been afraid that people would think this or that about me.  My mother used to say to me “if anyone ever knew what you were REALLY like, they’d run far away”.  I never got that, but it always kind of scared me.  LOL.

Let me know about your life as a parent.  I started late – mine was born when I was 40.  Best thing I never knew I wanted!

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