Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr again!

You’ve been warned.  I’m gonna bitch.  About the husband.

We had take out tonight.  We sat at the table like a human family tends to, which was nice.  After we ate, I pulled out invitations for my daughter’s birthday party.  I could feel eyes staring at me with that violent disappointment kind of vibe.  I met that gaze.

“Problem” said I, not really inviting an answer.

“You’re gonna do that now?”  he said with his stupid accent. He’s from Europe.

“Clearly”, I said as I continued addressing these tiny invites.

“I guess you have to do this now?”  he snaps.

“It’s a funny thing.  I need to send them to school with her tomorrow, so I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be now”.

He gets up from the table, slams his chair and storms into the living room saying “I’m leaving the room”.  He’s the MASTER of the obvious.  Also of the oblivious, but that’s another story.  He called kiddo in with him, so I was left in solitary in the kitchen to finish my very selfish work.  It took about 4 minutes.  Now he’s stomping through the house with this impotent rage that I guess comes along with male depression and I’m in the darkened computer room trying to understand WHY I wanted to be married.  For the second time.

Ugh.  I guess I’ll go to bed WAY early tonight.  See yas tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Bitch

  1. Thanks Lisa!! You’re keeping me inspired! He went to a movie. Kiddo is asleep and I’m gonna have a drink and watch something stupid on tv! 🙂

  2. this is really good stuff…You ‘re like John Grogan from Marley and Me!! LOL(but seriously? I think your work is quality material.)

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