Bratz and Gamez and Free Rangez

Kiddo came home from school today and she is now jumping around (on the couch, on the floor) and playing Bratz on the Wii. She can read now, so I no longer get away with “oh, it says you have to stop playing now because the Bratz are exhausted”. Oh well.

I was thinking today about a few of the blogs I’d read yesterday. One was about free range parenting and I found it very interesting. Do you guys know about it? In a nutshell, the idea seems to be about not being overprotective. A man had written in saying his neighbor told her daughter that she was not permitted to go to his house to see his daughter unless his wife was at home. This pissed him off and he’d confronted the neighbor about it.

My point of view is that I would not want my daughter over someone’s home if it were just an older brother or dad with her playmate. I know there’s women who are seriously messed up too, but you don’t hear about it as much as you do about men. And no, pedophiles are not always creepy. That’s got to be why they are able to somewhat blend in a community. Unless of course they’re priests, but that’s a whole other story!

I’m really interested to hear what you guys think of this.

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