Saturday, Not In The Park

My favorite tattoo so far!

Today was an odd one. We’re trying to get a new car lease. It’s not easy when your credit sucks and you live in this economy and you’re unemployed…Okay, I’ll stfu!

What we were able to do today was to go and buy the kiddo a new bike. It’s beautiful. After that, we went and had pizza, the spouse went home poutingly because he had to work, and I meandered to a tattoo shop while the kiddo and my sister looked for toys.

Last week I had met a woman with truly spectacular work all over her. I know it’s rude and I know I’m rude, but I went up to her and said “whoa – this work is gorgeous. Can I ask where you got most of it done” and she was just as lovely in personality as she was draped in art, and she told me that she’s been going to a woman who worked right up the street from where we were. She gave me her name and I decided to check it out next time I was in town.

Gin is her name, and she works at Timmy Tattoo in Huntington New York. I went in and it’s a totally unpretentious place. I spoke with her right away and gave her a few of my ideas, and I swear, she seemed excited about it! Which made me even more excited about it! I told her that since I was thinking of work on my arm that I might wait until summer is over since I love to go in the pool, etc. She thought that was fine and I got her card and I’m just super happy.

So now I have to prep to go to a party. The kiddo and her bike are at my sister’s house for the night and I plan to have more than two drinks! LOL. I hope you all have a great Saturday night!!

One thought on “Saturday, Not In The Park

  1. I can totally relate about the car situation/credit. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car that was at least 20+ years old, which is always an adventure! One day… 😉

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