Circus Tricks

Fathers day was an interesting one, for sure. We hit the Big Apple Circus in Queens and it was pretty friggin awesome. Kiddo will be 6 next month and this was the first time we got to sit through the entire show.

It was so retro and trippy. The girls looked like pin ups and the costumes looked like Gaultier to me. Kiddo was transfixed. So was I. The little girl in front of us kept turning around and watching me instead of the circus, so I had to entertain her while being entertained. She was a doll, and Her mom was holding a crying infant so it seemed like she was relishing the attention.

As I said before, we usually leave before the end of the big top show. The trapeze act always stresses me out ridiculously. Yesterday was no exception. And of course, someone fell. So pleased there was a net! Wish I could fall so gracefully.

I’m watching Dr Oz and he’s a sadistic little jerk isn’t he? He makes these audience women do the most ridiculous shit to drive home basic points. It’s like my key question to doctors, “talk to me like I’m a five year old” but taken to some sort of unsexy s&m extreme. And then these women are all like “thank you Dr Oz for spraying me with cheese and blasting me with confetti so I can understand that lots of pasta with cheese and sauce is fattening”. Duh!

On a sidenote – The husband is attempting to leave the house. It’s always special to watch. It never takes on the first try. Yup. He’s back. Ah – Second attempt seems to have worked. Thank gods.

Most likely I’ll be back later. Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Circus Tricks

    • The falling was terrifying. Never will I go to a circus with no net! My husband is 13 years younger than I am and should remember his damn keys! (Me? I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached!)

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