EarBugs and ManDogs

I wrote this whole friggin eloquent post about my bizarre dream and the EarBugs of yesterday and today. Then I lost it.  Shit!  Here I will try my best to recreate that masterpiece (yes, I’m kidding!)


So yesterday, for some strange reason, I had Casey Jones in my head.  All. Day. Long.  Drivin that train, high on cocaine.  Casey Jones you better watch your speed! Trouble ahead….


Now, I’m not a Dead Head.  I was a pre-emo dressed like a semi punker.  My real love was (and is) Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, you got it?  That didn’t stop me from going to a Dead Kennedys show, or seeing The Bad Brains, etc.  My ultimate favorite show in the world was PiL, but the real reason was Johnny Rotten (Lydon).

But was “Rise” playing in my head over and over again?  No.  Casey Jones was.  Ugh.

This morning I wake up, and I have yet another one.  This time? Vida La Vida.  Are you kidding me??? I had to play it to exorcise the demons!

Perhaps it was something to do with my dream from last night….

ManDogs / Dreams:

Tis rare indeed that I remember a dream.  I do remember this one, or at least most of it, and now I’m going to force you to share it with me.  Ready??  Good.


I dreamt that I had just moved into a new apartment.  I was apparently childless, and single.  The apartment was rad – it was painted red and had the coolest furniture I’ve ever seen.  It had all this awesome artwork on the walls and yet it was all totally comfy.  As I was carrying in more of my things from the hallway, a man appeared down the hall from where my front door was.  He was pretending to be a dog.  A black lab is the type of personality he was exuding.  He ran over to me, knocked me into the wall, (which always happens to me with the big dogs, by the way) and ran into my apartment.  He was all over the place, ending up on my very cool couch.  I was weirded out.  And then, I began to laugh and laugh and laugh.  I sat with him and talked to him and had the best time.  He reminded me very much of Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit (no, I have no idea WHY) and then I realized I was dreaming and was about to wake up.  I remember saying to him “oh shit, I have to go.  I have to get Kiddo ready for school!” He said “oh go! I’ll see ya later!” and I woke up.


WEIRD.  Nice, but weird!!!

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