Lining Up The First Interview!!

I am so excited. The family and I went and dropped in on Gin at Timmy’s in Huntington yesterday. I asked if I could interview her, and she seems like she’s into it!!! I couldn’t be happier – I’m doing a little happy dance! Oh shut it. You can see I’m happy by my ridiculous use of exclamation points.

I can’t wait for her to do some work on me (hoping to get some money together soon for it) and am delighted to give you the link to her website so you can see her work for yourself. I think she’s a very talented artist and the fact that she’s here on Long Island is phenomenal.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I have a few pieces semi worked out in my head. In my opinion I like to approach with an idea and let the art flow from the artist. I wonder how that’s perceived by the artist – do they think it’s a pain in the ass, license to be free and do what inspires them, or neither. I love my magpie, but in a way I wish I’d given Damien more flexibility with it. I know he wanted more of a background, and I know I’ll go back and ask him do that at some point. You can see his work here, even though he DID NOT post my lovely magpie yet!

I have to go now. I need to work on interview questions and outline so I can start this new chapter. I woke up at an ungodly hour to write without having to pretend to be anyone from the movies Kiddo is currently obsessed with while trying to write. Let’s just say I’ve been using a Scottish accent since Monday. Thank God I do it well!!

Ciao, for now!

2 thoughts on “Lining Up The First Interview!!

  1. So, I go looking through all Damien’s tatts, even though I know you said he didn’t post your Magpie, yet—why was i looking for it?? THAT’S what I was looking for—silly Lisa

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