Do Turtles Sneeze?

Turtle Soup by tarotastic
Turtle Soup, a photo by tarotastic on Flickr.

This was the question that the nearly 6 year old Kiddo asked of me. I thought, yes, they probably do. She, on the other hand, couldn’t imagine this. “They don’t have noses,” she said. “Sure they do,” I replied. “Don’t they?”

So we made a bet on it. She wanted a $100 marker, but I made her settle for $5. We looked it up on the internet.

Turtles sneeze. And it’s usually a dangerous sign of upper respiratory infection.

I found this picture of a turtle on Flickr. This turtle was purchased by a saintly person named Taro Taylor and her cousin from a fish market. They shot a picture and released him into the sea. I love that. Thank you Taro – for the use of the picture and for saving a beautiful animal!! By the way….did he happen to sneeze?

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