My First Tattoo Convention!

It’s like a blur! I can’t believe how many shops, suppliers, magazines, removal units and Hells Angels were at the Nassau Coliseum today! I had so much fun, and I did it all by my lonesome!

I’m posting a few pictures that I snagged while walking around (and around and around). They were doing the classic stick and poke method of tattooing in the center of the Coliseum.

I took a picture of the sticker/poker.

I took a picture of the stickee pokee.

I will be writing much more in-depth about it all tomorrow (if I’m not back there, that is!) But I did want to drop in and say that I’m so excited about my blog, and I really do love the energy of creative people. It’s utterly stimulating and the only problem for me is that I’m ready to plunk down and get ink over and over and over again! But I didn’t today. If I do get work done tomorrow (by Amy Nicolletto), that’s the only inking until September. I SO want to stay in the water this summer, but if its my only opportunity, then I’m going to take it.

Oh the dilemma of Mama Tattoo!!

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