I Know, I Know…

I had a few hours to write this morning and I basically wasted it. I sat here and go the kiddo out with her dad, and was assaulted aurally by my shih tzu. He just kept BARKING at me. Oh my God! So then, I got totally distracted and was on my Facebook page and doing other stupid things. So now the fam is back and everyone is yelling at me, so I’m making you this promise. I will post the remainder of the convention piece within the next 36 hours. Promise!!!

2 thoughts on “I Know, I Know…

    • Hey, Mama did what Mama had to do! Plus I got caught in the rain immediately afterward and came home like a drowned rat! But I have to applaud you’re perfect use of the word “Whilst” whilst tossing the guilt muffin my way! LOL

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