Tattoo Convention…Part 2ish

Okay. So where was I?? Ah yes!

Brandon Bond:

Well, I want to start with the story of Brandon Bond, of All Or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna, Georgia. He owns one of the fifty one pit bulls that were rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting disgrace. Something truly so horrible that I can’t picture it or conceptualize it, it’s like a demon that I can’t let have the space to mess with my psyche, morphing into something unbelievably pure and beautiful.

I became aware of Brandon’s film from 2009 at the convention. It’s available on DVD and it tells this remarkable story. You can get it here – Vicktory To The Underdog. Kinda perfect, wouldn’t you say?? Also, if you’re in Georgia, please check out:

I knew nothing about his work with dogs or all of the various charities he’s involved with, and I’m very happy to have learned that despite all the bad news and awful shit we hear, there are people like Brandon who is as compassionate as he is talented.

Here is his website for the tattoo shop:  All Or Nothing Tattoo.
Amy Nicoletto:

So I told the people at her little booth that I had tried to get in touch for a possible tattoo, which I mentioned before. They pulled me inside, they checked everywhere, but could not find the email and thus the reason they never got back in touch with me. Her manager (I assume he’s her manager) asks if I can come back tomorrow. He asked if I could email him the photo/s of what I wanted. I told him I had no firm plan to come back, but that I certainly could if she could make time for me.

Came home, scanned the pictures, emailed him, didn’t hear back until around 2PM on Sunday when he said “Are you here?” in response to what I sent. Told him no, asked what was up, never heard back. Oh Fuckin Well. I can still swim for the rest of the summer. 🙂

Voodoo Tattoo / Ken Kile:

Have you heard of Ken Kile?? Holy shit – this guy is SO incredibly talented. I got in touch with Voodoo and they told me that I could use some photos as long as I give him credit. Dude, I give him all the credit in the world! He’s out of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I’ll give you the link below with the photos. Seriously, check these out and tell me I’m not crazy. How detailed and amazing is this work?? There’s nothing further to say, so I’m posting a slew of photos – they do the speaking for me!

Voodoo Tattoo – 332 E. Second Street – Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Phone – 570 387 5022

There will most likely be a bit more to this, but that will be worried about tomorrow…. Isn’t that what Scarlet said in Gone With The Wind?? I’ll worry about the tattoos…tomorrow!

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