Testing the Post-ablilities, And Various Crap


This is my first email on the fly post. I have no idea if it will work or not.

It’s vacation-eve. Setting out in the morning for a four hour car trip, and the Kiddo is still up. As a matter of fact, she’s standing in front of me dressing a doll at 10:30 PM. Not good.

The guinea pig is safely nestled at a friend’s home and looked pretty freaked out, yet interested in what was going on. I hope she’s going to be quiet and sweet.

I’ve been very worried about the situation with the woman who’s lying in a hospital in a coma and who remains unidentified. I was really looking at her tattoos, wondering how these have not somehow helped give an answer to her identity. Here are my questions:

Could the lettering tattoo be gang related? Is one of those symbols a disguised swastika? Maybe I’m seeing things, but I just can’t figure it out.

She was wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt but has an ICP tattoo. Am I crazy, or is that like wearing a Neil Diamond t-shirt but sporting a Dead Kennedys logo tattoo?

I checked missing persons databases, tattoo databases and more. Unless this woman is homeless I don’t understand at all how no one is looking for her.

I’m going to watch The Alfred Hitchcock Hour because I can’t seem to get enough mystery plus, I can’t sleep!

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