And We’re Back….

Where We Spent Too Much Time!
Holy shit. I had such a great time in Lake George (when the reenactments of various battles that had played out there had ceased between my sister and my husband).

What a beautiful place – mountains, the lake, trees everywhere you looked, and best of all, the hotel pool. I love hotel pools!! That to me is vacation 101. Maid service is just as nice and magical, I must admit. We had a refrigerator in our room which we fully stocked with water bottles, juice thingys and beer. I mean, what good is a balcony if you can’t drink beer on it?? Oh wait, we never did that. We just drank in our room! The bed was huge and super comfy. Of course, Kiddo slept in the middle for most of the vacation, but there was STILL enough room on either side that we weren’t constantly wondering if we’d end up on the floor. I’ll take it!

My sister kind of spazzed out the other night while walking out onto the balcony. I so wish I had filmed it for you. It would be an instant viral classic. She slid open the glass door, and then proceeded to kick down the sliding screen door. All the while, she’s going “oh! oh! oh!” and her hands were fluttering like helpless little butterflys. But her feet were trompin that shit like she was a skinhead at some kinda hate rally!!!! I swear to god, it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.

So wanted to go here...but didn't get to!


One night we were laying in bed (Man, going to bed early on vakay sucks!!!! But such is life with a 6 year old!) and we were watching tv. Now, some of you may be familiar with the phenomanon called “Honey Boo Boo”, but I wasn’t. I was not prepared for this mini train wreck. Oh. My. God. Really?? Slicing up roadkill that was named by your child to eat so you can save money for more pageant stuff. To eat to stay alive and feed your family in hard economic times? Oh yes, I understand that. But THIS??? How long until someone calls CPS?


Kiddo was weird for a good bit of the vacation and was kind of afraid of everything. Moms, have you encountered this, or is it unique to Kiddo? Was afraid of the indoor pool. Was afraid of the slides at the water park (she’s been on similar ones with no issue). Afraid of the go-karts at the Fun Spot until she went in to the mini one where she could drive herself. It was her against a Hassidic family, and I swear to God, she came ALIVE in that racetrack!! The kids were so adorable and so friggin funny!!! I’m yelling “watch out for this boy behind you!! He’s got the need for speed!” He says “I apologize, but I’m going to beat your daughter!” I”m rolling, seriously! He couldn’t have been more than 7. His dad and I were in hysterics. She did that about 3 times. The second time it was just her and a little French Canadian boy that she kept bumping with the kart. I’m like “Yo! Danica, slow down! You’re not supposed to be bumping!” but she just kept chewing her lip and letting this boy have it! Again, ultra nice people. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I had any asshole encounters in Lake George at all! Maybe I should move there…

The Go Karts!

After we all did the go karts, we tried laser tag for the very first time. Now, why I have not tried this before is beyond me. They set my family against these 3 teenaged boys and one little girl. I ran smack into one of the boys at least twice. I could NOT stop laughing. I was yelling things to them and shot at them and it was hilarious. When we left I heard the boys saying “that lady was a total riot! She was SO funny!”

The Laser Tag!

I did see tattoos, lots of them. But many were tribal and that’s not my favorite type. I did stop in at one shop, but they were busy and I split. It must be lots of tourist trade with flash work, but I don’t really know for sure. The best was seeing what I believe was a Shaker family looking in the window of a tattoo shop and later seeing them by the bead store. Teenaged girls in handmade dresses down to their ankles. I wonder how they feel when they’re away from home. I smiled at them and the big sweet smiles I got back made my heart feel warm.

We did the obligatory cruise thing on the Adirondac ship.  That’s where I encountered the one bitch I met during the entire vacation.  She’s one of those SEATgulls.  We got up for a second and she swooped in on our seats.  (there were open seats, but she didn’t want anything but ours!)  I handled that.  LOL

That’s it for now. Glad to be home! Hope you had or are going to have a little break this summer.  Tonight I will return with one more really interesting artist I came across at the convention.  Here’s a taste of the work that I really loved! H.H. Littlesky.

See you later!!



4 thoughts on “And We’re Back….

  1. Family vacay opens the door for all kinds of kiddo weirdness. My six year old develops a weird something whenever we are away. They all roughly translate to “This is hard, will you just come here and put your arms around me, not that arm that has a cold hand, put your beer down first.” 🙂

    • You know Kelly, that’s exactly it. It’s got to be a sort of “unsafe” feeling, and maybe seeing your parents de-stressed is freaky in and of itself too! Thanks for the insight – I really needed it. Now where’s my beer?? LOL

  2. Alice you are a wonderful writer. Guess what: I have a tattoo. My daughter and I got matching ones in Venice, California. But ours are temporary, not like yours. Again, you are an excellent writer.

    • Thank you so much Barbara! That means so much to me, coming from you. I love that you and your daughter got matching tattoos – even if they are temporary. How I would have loved doing that with my mom.

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