Really? A Bunny? How About A Death Bunny??

Kiddo wants me to get a tattoo for her. Another one. First was the magpie, with her stealing my heart and all. Now? Now she wants a bunny. This will definitely impact my quest to appear “tough” and “cool”. Granted, nothing has really worked thus far. I remember when I was a teenager and I had bleached my hair platinum. I thought I looked fierce. I went to a PiL show, saw Johnny Rotten, and he told me I looked like a cloud. First I thought he said clown, but he said no, no. CLOUD. LOL

Now I kind of like the idea of a bunny, but what KIND of bunny? A soft cuddly cute little thing? A Death Bunny like my friend Randy calls himself?? And where would I put this bunny? I’m already planning my half sleeve with portraits of my dad and my dog. Where would a bunny fit in there?? Yeah. That’s not going to work. I guess it’ll be the other arm, and then maybe I can get a little color crazy. Black and gray on one arm. Cartoonishness on the other. Shit. That sounds like me!!!

I do love is picture from Southside Tattoo in Georgia. Maybe mine could be strangling the ducky as it types furiously into a laptop while chugging coffee.

What do you think???

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