Happy Birthday To Me…..

It's My Party, And I'll Avoid Drama If I Wanna!


It’s the very start of my birthday.  If you visit the blog at any time on August the 20th and wish me a happy birthday, you will get big blessings from the tattoo fairy (no, you won’t, but I’ll send you mad love astrally – I promise).  I hope this year will be a good one.  I hope I can write well enough to inspire people to come by and check this blog out.  I hope I get the chance to help more people this year, to be an even better mother, sister, friend, wife, and human being.  I hope I make good choices and decisions.  I hope we all stay or become good and healthy this year.

Hold The Clowns, Leave The Gifts!

Don’t Clowns Just Creep You Out??

My wish as a gift is obvious.  A tattoo.  And lucky me, on September 14th that wish comes true!  So excited.

I love this blog and it thrills me to the core that you give me some time in your very busy lives when you stop by.  I thank you kindly!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me…..

  1. Happy Birthday, Alice. You share this birthday with my husband! Hope it is wonderful for you.

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