Get A Team Logo Tattooed On Your Skull. Team Changes Logo!!!!

It’s just funny.  There’s another story about this dude here :

Dolphins fan with logo tattooed on skull finds out team may change logo (PHOTO).

4 thoughts on “Get A Team Logo Tattooed On Your Skull. Team Changes Logo!!!!

  1. I wasnt talking about your blog! The one you linked to. They know nothing about tattoos & the tat is almost a year old but the make a news story out of it? Lol I didnt mean any offense to you or your blog. Sorry if it was taken out of context!

    • Emmett – thank you so much for coming back. I was not offended at all I only felt bad. Please pop by again and share pictures of your other tattoos. We would love to see them! Thanks so much.

  2. for one im not bald, being a tat2 website, you know it has to be shaved to tat.. & its funny? worst tattoo blog out here. Inked mag was atleast civil

    • Hi Emmett – Thanks for coming by. I just want to say that I didn’t call you bald, however, I did say it was funny. I think it’s only funny because it’s exactly the type of thing that would happen to me. I think it’s nice work and I applaud you for getting it done. It must have been painful. Anyway, I sincerely apologize if I hurt your feelings or pissed you off, and I’m also sorry you think this is the worst tattoo blog. I do my best, but you can’t please everyone. But again, I do appreciate you stopping by.

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