In My Little Town…

I grew up believing. God keeps his eye on us all. Nice Simon and Garfunkel opening to my blog post.

Last week I had to go to the unemployment office, which is never fun. I had to watch a 45 minute video about how to find a job, and then a counsellor talked to me and told me to apply for some clerical gig in my…hometown! It was a little depressing. But then I got to leave, and walked about half the way home.

I was dressed in Pretend Work Clothes, so I burned with the need to do something quietly rebellious. I began snapping pictures with the camera phone of various “Hicksville” things.

Up there is A Step Ahead Prosthetics.  I laugh everytime I pass this place.  Why?  Because my first marriage was to a pathological liar who thought he was Sid Vicious.  When I finally got him out of my home at the time I was separating, I had heard that he was telling people I kicked him out to pursue a career in making prosthetics.  It was his best story.  Totally untrue, but I would have been happy to do something cool like that!

Once upon a time, I hated this town. I couldn’t wait to leave when I was a teenager. I needed to be in the city, dammit. Well, let’s cut a long story down to it’s core. Did the city. City did me. Couldn’t take it anymore, moved back to Long Island and eventually came right back to buy a house 2 blocks from where I grew up. Uh huh. Now I love it. I truly do love it. I love the people here and I love Kiddo’s school. Even though I love to whine and gripe, I’m in the enviable situation of having gotten all I wished for in life – a healthy child and a home (and the dopey marriage thing, but we need to discuss at a later date).

So I wanted to share some pictures I took while walking half way home, plus I’ll add a few from The House.

This is like an inside joke for Hicksville.

The Recently Decapitated House Down The Road Apiece.

One of those rare strip mall shopping thingys on Lawn Guyland!

A flair for naming salons! Here it is a little closer! Can ya…smell those nails?

Least favorite place in town. Too many years of early (or not so early) mornings, late nights and everything in between.

There’s more here than Teresa Caputo (who went to my school and is just a little younger than me!) and Billy Joel (whom although I’ve heard he’s an awesome dude, bores me to tears and is MUCH older than me!)

Closer to home, there are a few inhabitants who share the little house I love.

She's in a box.  She likes to hang out in boxes.  Don't ask.

Anna Mangani, Guinea Pig

One of my boyz.

He likes to suck on metal, You really oughtta pet him, the Adams Family!

Jerk Wouldn't Take No For An Answer!

He just refused to leave. So we had to use the backdoor. Big Green Pain In The Ass!

I hope you enjoy your mini tour.  I will include photos done by the Kiddo when she grants me permission and rights!

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