People I Like

On my birthday we went to Benihana. I love Benihana – they have that amazing Tokyo tea cocktail, but that’s beside the point. There was a big family at another table next to ours, and among them was a man with really spectacular tattoo work on his arms. I had to annoy him as I was leaving the restaurant, and I handed him one of my cards. I told him I’d love to know where he got the work done and pictures too. As I began to walk away, he stopped me, and lifted up his shirt. He had the Pillsbury Doughboy on his tummy!!! It was utterly cool and he was the nicest dude!!! I hope to hear from him so I can share it with you!

Today I had to make an emergency run to Target. The woman who checked us out was 1. Gorgeous, and 2. Sporting some amazing tattoos! She gets work done in Queens, but I don’t know who does it. she revealed to me that she’s working on a back piece that is an entire garden!!!

I love bothering inked humans I meet. I’ll apologize in advance if I approach you in the near future!

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