Saying Goodbye

Chris Lighty


My “career” was wrapped up in the music industry.  For decades, I worked at labels with various managers, artists, producers, writers, engineers and the assorted entourages.  I did love it because it made me feel interesting and I really did like the cult of celebrity and being around it.  Especially when you’re trusted and treated well by people who are known to be rather obtuse (and trust me, it’s a wonderful thing to discover that this is a shell that’s used to ward off constant bullshit coming the way of celebrity – however, sometimes they truly are just dumb as shit and stratospherically egotistical.)

Two people that I worked with left this plane of existence within the last year.  One of them, a truly good friend of mine that I will love forever, passed a few months back.  I still can’t believe he’s gone.  It was a sudden illness that stretched into a long hospital stay and ended after a long period of being comatose.  He was 36.  The second was Chris Lighty.  I liked Chris very much.  He never gave me any bullshit – I always got a straight answer, whether I liked it or not, and I had a good deal of respect for him, as I believe he had for me as well.  There were incidents and conversations between us that I believe let me see a good deal more of the real Chris, and his generosity was a little astounding at times.  I’m so sad about his death, mostly because it appears to be a suicide and it tears at my heart that he’d have taken his own life.  I want to post the following article about him that I read today.  The picture above was taken by me when we worked together. I still love it. Rest in peace Chris.

Chris Lighty

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