Before Rushing Off Into The Suburban Tornado Of Life…

I wanted to say that I’m sorry for having neglected the blog a bit over the last week or so.

In that span of time, someone I worked with and liked very much apparently took his own life, and immediately following, a friend from high school fell gravely ill, and subsequently passed away on Thursday. Neither of these two people were extremely close to me, but I liked them both and cared for them. It’s taken its toll on me and many many others.

Today I had a little bit of time and Kiddo is with my sister for a bit, so I’m taking advantage of it. I want to give you a sermon. Are you ready? Got your listening ears on?

I suffer from depression. It sucks. Mine is mild, annoying and occasionally bogs me down. However, I know that I am a very lucky human being, and I’m grateful for all the good I have. I’m even grateful for some of the tough lessons I’ve learned. Here’s a little run through of my offerings to you:

Lesson 1: Don’t waste your time with people you don’t like. Don’t worry about why you don’t like them, and don’t try to be nice when it’s not what’s in your heart. Just walk away and have peace.
Lesson 2: Don’t try to make someone love you that doesn’t. Fuck them. Walk away.
Lesson 3: Don’t forget what you have and instead dwell on the bad, or what you feel is missing.
Lesson 4: Don’t scrape the walls of the past for misery. Leave it there. For Christ’s sake, isn’t life difficult (and exciting, and annoying, and joyful, etc) enough for you right at this moment??
Lesson 5: If someone wasn’t nice to you twenty or thirty years ago, don’t drift back into their space now to see if they’ve changed. Leave it alone. Don’t look for apologies. Not everyone is in a 12 Step Program! And some people (quite a few, sadly) are just douche bags.
Lesson 6: If someone loves you, and you don’t love them back, walk away. Don’t settle, and don’t let someone else be your consolation prize.

Lesson 7:  No matter how it feels, there are many more good people on this planet than bad ones or indifferent ones.

That’s all I wanted to get off my chest at the moment. Thanks for being there and checking my blogosphere!

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