Where Has The Time Gone?

It’s 9/11 again.

I hate this day and that doesn’t seem to dissipate as the years go by.  But at the same time, how did this happen 11 years ago?  Where did all that time go? Sandwiched between that time and this,  in my own little life, so much has happened.  I went to acting school, met my second husband, had a beautiful baby, bought a house in my hometown, lost my job and found myself. But it still feels like this happened last year.

What’s happened on the planet between then and now? I’ll let NPR show you.  And please note the graph with American troop casualties by year.  It’ll stop you in your tracks, as it did me.

Peace and good health to everyone on this day.

Timeline: Afghanistan And The U.S. Since Sept. 11 : NPR.

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