Trail Mix Of Tears



What an emotional whirlwind this morning.

I found out yesterday that my (for all intents and purposes, and for what’s in my heart) Aunt Marie passed away. She seemed to get sick so suddenly, and now she’s gone. I’m kicking myself for not getting my ass up there to visit (it’s getting to be a theme I dislike in myself of late). I worry for my cousin, her daughter. I care very much for her and I know it hasn’t been an easy road for her.

Marie was married to my Uncle Donnie. Uncle Donnie is famous in our family. He was my mother’s brother. Apart from being very cute and funny, he gambled a lot and had a variety of other flaws. I loved him. He passed away few years back, and he and Marie (yes, Donnie & Marie – can you believe it?) had been divorced. That never changes what’s in your heart, and I remember meeting Marie when I was in my early teens. I liked her so much, even though I wasn’t really expecting to. See, I also love my Uncle’s first wife Ann SO MUCH. (And I miss her, so I’ll have to drag my sorry ass to see her in the very near future – whether she likes it or not!!) And since I hadn’t really dealt with divorced family members before, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to ostracize this new, younger wife. But I adored her. She was a probation officer and I thought she had such compassion and love. I remember thinking that the people who were assigned to her were lucky. I was totally right about that and I’m so grateful to Facebook for bringing us back in touch, even if it was mostly to play silly games once in a while.

I’m ready for this month to end. My heart is heavy and I can feel a backlog of tears making its way to fruition. Thanks for listening.

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