Have You Heard About Kimberley Vlaminck? You Should Have.

This is a really old news story that I never heard.   Duh to me!

So, this teenager went to a tattoo artist, claims she requested 3 star tattoos on her face, fell asleep and woke up with 56.  The artist said she asked for what he gave her, but will pay for the removal because she is unhappy.  Truth comes out that she lied, and was afraid of her dad’s wrath.  I love this tattoo artist.  He’s a gentleman.  I hope Kimberley grows up and doesn’t fuck around with people’s lives again. The below article is from before the truth came out and they really gave this guy a hard time.  As Christopher Guest would say “Bastard People!”

What did she expect? Incredible face revealed of the man who tattooed girl with 56 stars when she only asked for three.

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