Still Reeling, and I’m Late As Usual! Topic – My Blogger Award!!!

Mindblowing. I cannot believe it, but I have received my very first and only Blogger Award. It is the So Sweet Blogger Award (I know, I keep trying to be tough, and it’s just not gonna happen!! But hey, I got an award for not being so tough!)

I was given this honor by one of my very favorite fellow bloggers, Scott from Gnostic Bent. His blog is always interesting, and he’s got such a great way of starting discussions on just about any topic you could imagine. He received the So Sweet Blogger Award from Donah at, and in turn included me as one of the bloggers whom he felt deserved this honor. Amazeballs!!

I adore blogging. It’s a solution for my pent-up anger, joy, and bizarre sense of humor. I love that people read what I write and that gives me such satisfaction. I realize I’m supposed to nominate bloggers with less than 200 followers, but I really don’t know how to ascertain that, so here ya go: – As I’ve said, there’s absolutely always something interesting that does not go in one ear and out the other. I love the interaction with Scott’s followers and make it a point to stop by often. – I love Julie, although I’ve never met her. Her written dialogues with her amazing birds and her beautifully written and brutally honest portrayal of her family makes me wish that she and I lived much closer than half a world away. I’m hooked. Way back in the early 2000s (that still sounds stupid to me, I’m sorry!) Stephanie and I went to acting school together. Afterward, our lives tended to parallel each other’s in very interesting ways. I love to read about her life, her adjustments to moving back to the US after being in Barbados with two small children for quite some time. Plus, I adore and love her mucho. It’s funny how people ask “is that your child?” Parents come in all forms, and frankly some step parents are better than parents who share your dna. I love this blog and the love for the children in her life. Super. Friggin. Funny. This is such a special blog to me. The photography and the gentle writing are absolutely wonderful. Cold Dead Heart – yeah, anything but! The photography and little slices of life are addictive. – This is one of my best friends in the world. She’s beginning this blog and I’m so excited. I hope she asks me to write a little something for it!

There are more, but I’m already late with this and want to express my gratitude and love. Thank you and I love you. Job done!



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