The Man Who Sold His Body For Art

The Man Who Sold His Body For Art, And Where He'll Hang For Posterity

To me, this is disturbing.  I feel like this artist took advantage of someone. Am I wrong?  Please read and tell me what you think.  Plus, the artist is not wearing gloves while he’s tattooing, and then the art “piece” was sold.  It reminds me of Ilse Koch.  If you have a strong stomach, click her name for a link.

via The Man Who Sold His Body For Art, And Where He’ll Hang For Posterity – Worldcrunch – All News is Global.

6 thoughts on “The Man Who Sold His Body For Art

    • That’s exactly how this seems, in a very permanent and unhealthy way. Plus, his fiance works at a major gallery as well, which really bugs me. It almost feels like that Jim Carrey movie “The Truman Show”. Who’s there to tell this guy the truth?

    • It really is. There are so many people that would love to be a human canvas for an artist like this, and it just feels like he wanted to exploit someone… Ugh. It’s awful.

  1. But Delvoye is very clear about their relationship: “We became friends but I had to explain that he was 2006 work and that it’s 2012 now, and therefore I’m in another period of my work.”

    That line made me a little sick to my stomach. It’s 2012 and he still has the artwork on his body, the least you could do is have a acquaintance friendship with the guy. (the no gloves thing is a little icky too)

    • I’m in total agreement, and wanted to quote that line, but thought nah, let me leave it alone. I’m so glad you picked up on that too. Like he’s nothing but a canvas, not a human being that will one day be skinned to preserve that art. Blech! Thanks for commenting Victoria!

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