Harry Styles And Why I’m So Sick Of Him.

Harry Styles Gets Two New Tattoos.

I do a lot of looking on the internet for tattoo stuff.  The one thing that never fails to come up is One Direction and Harry Styles.  I was happier when I’d never heard of them or him.  So I’ll put it on Mama Tattoo and hope that I won’t find these articles that basically say nothing every single day.


Also, at the bottom of the article is a clip with Justin Bieber.  I did not watch it, as I’m the opposite of a fan.  But it says he’s going to work with David Blaine.  Do you think he can make Beebs disappear???  Make his ego shrink???

Now THAT might be interesting!

3 thoughts on “Harry Styles And Why I’m So Sick Of Him.

  1. I always wonder, when my kids are in the teeny booper stage what they will have in the way of boy bands? I had the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, 98 degrees which looking back they were way older then than the biebs and Only pointing North, I mean One Direction.

    Looking at the article, he has a clothes hanger tattoo? Does he know what that represents…I kinda think a little teenage boy wouldn’t.

    “Meanwhile, Harry revealed he is not looking for a girlfriend but wouldn’t hesitate if he found the right girl.” What does that have to do with Tattoos! I can see why this is frustrating for you!

    • I have a very difficult time connecting the coat hanger to any sort of serious public statement about abortion with regard to Harry. But you never know – stranger things have happened. I think models get that tattoo because it’s what they feel their job is, but it doesn’t really make any sense to me.

      I worked with BSB and NSYNC for years, and you’re right. They were definitely a little older (at least they seemed that way) but they got on my nerves as well! LOL. The whole boy band thing should be dead and gone by now, but the girls are eating it up!

      • I’m not sure the boy band things will ever really go away. It comes in waves but it always comes back.
        Thank you for the model connection on the hanger, I would not have thought of that.

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