My Failures – An Unfinished Expose

Failure: Vegetarianism

About 20 years ago, I embarked on the journey of meat free living. It lasted for five years. It was a stupid proposition for me, being a veggie hater. But my heart was oh so pure, and I wanted to practice what I preached, but what happened was that I ate lots and lots of starches, very few vegetables, tons of pizza and pasta. Not. Fucking. Smart!!

But I did keep up with it for five years, and I did feel good about my soul, although it was slathered in lots of fat. I fancied myself an Indian food lover, which I still believe, except that I order everything mild, which is just wrong and full of cheating goodness!

Just the best of everything

I can’t even tell you how many birthdays I spent at Gandhi – I need to take Kiddo there – it’s been too long!

Failure: Animal Activism

Once I went to Bloomingdales at Christmas time with a stocking full of coal. I smacked it down on a specific cosmetic counter and it made the loudest smack sound. I then told the poor counter girl that the stocking full of coal was for all the animal testing they’d done to make women pretty. Then I got super embarrassed and ran out. I still laugh about it to this day, and we’re again going back decades!

My friend Don was NOT a failure. He would dress up like a bunny. In a bunny costume. And he would protest fur sales and testing, you name it. The cops would come, they would arrest him, and then they’d take his mugshot both with and without the bunny head. He was brilliant, and funny and ultimately became an environmental lawyer. Me? Oh I stayed in the music business. It was fun. Ugh.  This picture?  No, that’s not Don!

6 thoughts on “My Failures – An Unfinished Expose

    • Hmmmm. I think I’ll tell her that I tried my best to follow my heart, but ultimately had to find other ways to do that. And maybe that even though I failed at a few things, I succeeded in having an amazing child who has a decent home and what she needs. I think that’s more important in the long run. Being a good mother is the only REAL thing I fear failure in.

      • You had a blast. The loving experience you share with your child is a rewarding career that some just don’t get. Your words reflect the love your share with your family. Love, a warm bed, fool and clothing is all that is needed for a happy family. Those good times shared while growing up are the foundation they will remember when faced with difficult decisions.

        God bless you.

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