Surviving The Storm / Feeling Guilty And Oh So Lucky


These pictures are of Sandy.  In Jersey, NYC, Queens and of course on Long Island.  We were so lucky, that I don’t even understand how we came through this unscathed.  We even have power.

The storm was scary as hell, and I worried about my 20 foot maple tree, but she withstood those crazy winds beautifully.  Even my little cute dwarf tree in the front yard is still happily there and alive.

Most of my friends have no power, or just got it back.  We’re offering a warm place to sleep, shower, eat, whatever.  People were checking on each other during the times when it was safe to venture out, and I’m convinced that this is the best neighborhood ever.

We got to take Kiddo and her bff trick or treating yesterday, and it was so much fun to see neighbors outside their houses with the candy bowls waiting for the kids.  You can’t cancel Halloween!  The kids scored big time and we got to check on the people who live all around us, and my sister’s street as well.  Huge tree down there, and my sister has siding hanging from the top of her house and a busted window.  Lucky.  Her side of the street has power, but the opposite side doesn’t.  There are extension cords running from the side to side so nobody has to suffer – isn’t that awesome??

So that’s my check in, and those are photos culled from the internet to show things you’ve probably already seen.  Heartbreaking.  Hope you and yours are doing great!

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