2012 is a kind of brutal year. The election we just survived is a prime example (as were the hurricane last week, and this nice snowstorm as an added bonus). But I have to say that my eyes are opened in a way I wish they hadn’t been. Many Facebook friends whom I was happy to reconnect with after many years have said some incredibly insensitive, inflammatory and to boil it all down, stupid things on their walls. I’d like to ignore it. Trust me, I would. But some things just can’t be glossed over or looked away from.

There are many people who are from my town that are Republican / Conservative. I am wannabe Green Party, but Jill Stein kept getting arrested and couldn’t get her word spread, and I’m not sure we ever got any indictation of foreign policy stances, so I gave up on her. I’m sorry, but you have to get those funds rolling in and you must be taken seriously. In full disclosure, my dream would be to have a committed group of candidates running as the Working Families Party on a ballot, but that’s not what you get. You get the full Democrat list with maybe one difference on a local level.

I swear to you that I do not care if you’re a Republican, Conservative, Democrat, Liberal, Green Party, Libertarian or even Tea Party (well, I care a little about that last one, but not enough to blindly insult anyone who choses to vote that way). All I really care about is how you treat human beings and animals. A few of the people on my friends list that I’m talking about were once bully-ish. I thought that they’d all outgrown that and moved on, but sadly that’s not reality. Yet, I know for a fact that they’d give you the shirt off their back if you needed it, friend or stranger. But to faceless “others”, I guess they can’t push the compassion to that magnitude. And that’s okay too. I just really don’t want it in my face. But because of the entire rest of who they are, I’m keeping them around. Maybe they’ll mellow with age, but most likely they won’t. And that’s okay too. Lesson learned – don’t lean heavily on Facebook around election time.

Let me just say that I have not been singled out. This is about posts on people’s walls or responses to mutual friends that get my skin crawling. And now I feel all bettah!! 🙂

One thought on “Aftermath

  1. I am very glad to be a Canadian during the presidential election. No one really on my Facebook expressed concern of either president. I would definitely lose friendships over it. I think the republican party would do much better if they kicked out all of the old white males that are way too up their own asses to think about the world as it is now. They have way to much invested in legislating lady bits without ever actually talking to women. I am sure the republican party has better things to stand FOR than all of the things the head douches have been standing against.

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