Creepy Stuff Near Me! Who Wants To Check It Out?

I can’t help it.  I love this stuff!  I’ve been to Raynham Hall, and I’ve seen that ghost looking out a window.  Freaked me out!!  I’ve swum in Lake Ronkonkoma and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of it, and never went back again.  We’ve walked around Kings Park many a time and the energy is so heavy and awful. The only other place I think I’ve been to is the Light House on Fire Island – and now I don’t even know if it is still standing!

Kings Park

Raynham Hall


Now I want to check out Katie’s!! Anyone ever been there of the Long Island portion of MamaTattoo readers?

Haunted Long Island: Long Island’s 13 Creepiest Haunted Places | Long Island Press.

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