Little Asthma Annie

I have just rushed my daughter off to school, and have returned to try to finally write a little bit. Have you even noticed I was gone???

Bronchitis blended with Asthma is what I have and have been suffering with for the past week. I believe assitis is the technical term. The adorable doctor at the local strip mall doc joint told me that I must have prednisone. I despise prednisone. But I was very worried that I was once again going to have pneumonia, and I definitely hate that more, so I decided to try it. Do you know that it actually WORKS??? Holy moly. Glad to be done with it, but really grateful for its existence.



My sister (remember the StormDoor Kicker?) took us all out to lunch and to a matinee of Annie on Broadway last week. Two and a half hours at a musical in the balcony. I was prepared for torture. Now, please understand that I was sick as a dog, feverish (yet not contagious per the cute doctor) and cranky. But we got to the city, and I managed to hone my beacon of bitchiness soley on my husband, who deserved it all heartily, and managed to spare my sister and daughter. We went to the Olive Garden, because that’s where you go in New York City where you can get anything on earth (and trust me, it was GREAT somehow – in no small part thanks to our server named Angela who went above and beyond and I’d adopt her if I could). Then onto the theater, where I was so pleasantly surprised at how not-scared I was of being in the balcony plus doubly shocked that the seats were great. And finally, the play was amazing. No, seriously. Amazing. It was creepy, funny, dramatic and kid ruled. My fever broke during the first act, and two and a half hours just flew by in a flash.

Since then, I’ve been taking care of myself and trying to get well. So far, so good.

How are all of you doing???? I missed you!!!


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