Vacuums And Meatballs And Fake Cooking Shows

Oh I hope you can handle what I have to tell you today.  It’s chock full of interesting tidbits and various less interesting morsels.

I have been sick for about 3 to 4 weeks.  Straight.  No chaser (well, unless you count the most unpleasant side effects of 3 or 4 different antibiotics).  That’s why my absence has been felt by each and every one of you loyal readers out there for what must seem like ages!

Yeah, I’m kidding.  But I really have been sick and feeling shitty for what seems an endless span of time.  And today….drum roll please….I feel BETTER!  I have energy!  I’m acting silly without the benefit of cough medicine blessed by codeine!

I’m living amidst clutter.  Not like HOARDERS really, but lots of clothes that are clean but have no “home” and sheets, blankets, pillows that don’t fit into our joke of a linen closet. So I used the vacuum bags I purchased just before getting sick (well, more like a year ago and just had them kind of stacked up, but that’s more of the same, isn’t it?)  I put all this stuff into the bags and then moved them to the computer room.  Where they stay.  Unvacuumed and huge.  Ugh!


This is an actual photo of the meatballs simmering in my crock pot right now!!!!!

But then this morning, I guess I had a little inspiration.  I decided to make meatballs.  This is one thing I believe I do very, very well.  Naturally, my husband became a vegetarian about 3 years ago, so he’ll have no part in this, except that he’s complaining that they smell so good, and is actually taking Kiddo out for a special Papa/Kiddo day which includes 1) signing her out of school about 45 minutes early, 2) going to see Monsters Inc in 3D, and finally 3) going to their favorite Italian restaurant for dinner together.  Isn’t that awesome??  I love these things.  That’s what I’m sure she’ll remember when she’s older. So it’ll be me and the meatballs.  Maybe my sister.  Definitely pasta.

While prepping the meatballs, I pretended to have my own cooking show, and talked my way through the entire thing to Kody.  Kody should be a pit bull, but he’s a Shih Tzuh.  He was so attentive and polite.  He kept hoping something would fall.  It was all really very funny, even if it was nutty.


Kody Odie Odie. Meatball Lover.

Now, while all this was happening, Italian Husband is doing what he does all the friggin time, which is playing FIFA.  The only difference is that he now has a weird game capture thing so he can RECORD himself SITTING on his ASS, playing SOCCER/FOOTBALL and then make BEST OF COMPILATIONS to put on YouTube.  I’m at the end of my rope.  I hear Martin Tyler and that other doofus Alan Smith in my dreams at this point.  Can anyone tell me if Alan Smith is Andy’s character from Little Britain’s Lou & Andy?? Is it just me???

The Football

I promise to return with a Little Britain clip and a review of my meatballs by me, and of

course, by Kody.  Love yas!!

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