Chuey Quintanar And Why I Am A Fan…


When I went to the Tattoo Convention some months back, I felt myself drawn to some of the artists whose work really captured me, and it occured to me later that a good number of these were Latino.  I have always dearly loved the work of Nikko Hurtado, and would LOVE to have work done by him at some point in my life, but I believe that there is a really strong and healthy leaning in the overall tattoo culture of greatness by serious artists who are Latino or Latina.  And I love it.  So I’m asking you to send me names of your favorite artists (clearly of any nationality – just working on a Latino bend for a new article) so I can check them out, give you props and maybe get a little electronic buzz going for them.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen much of Chuey’s work, I beg you to take the time to click the below gallery and get your fill!!!

Gallery | Chuey Quintanar.

2 thoughts on “Chuey Quintanar And Why I Am A Fan…

    • Doris thank you so much for all of these leads!! I’m sorry it’s taken a minute to respond, but I’ll be all over these tomorrow and you’ll see them pop up on my blog for sure! Very very grateful!!

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