Someone Is Dying In The Road…Let’s Take a Pic and Tweet It!

Now, clearly the dude thought that the person was drunk and just chilling in the middle of the road.  But couldn’t he tell that maybe something was a bit off?  You know, while taking a picture and posting to Twitter?  I can’t see how it would have hurt to call 999 (911 here) and get the cops to come anonymously.

The thing that bothers me almost as much as this cavalier tweet is the comments blaming Americans, blaming Brits, blaming rap culture for the rampant insensitivity.  You can blame me, you can blame yourself and everyone around us for it.  Look at these kids that bully to the point of victim suicide.  Do you think they’re sorry? Dude, they’re not sorry.  That’s a victory to them.  And there’s something seriously wrong here.  In my day, we called those people sociopaths.  Today they just have a personality disorder.  In my mind, we call this criminal harassment, yet we insist on calling it bullying.  We’re insensitive, and it’s OUR fault.  It’s not just here in the US or in Britain.  It’s everywhere.  I want your feedback on this peeps.  Thank you!

Driver Tweets Pic Of Dying Hit And Run

Too Late For The Cops...

Victim Instead Of Calling Police.

One thought on “Someone Is Dying In The Road…Let’s Take a Pic and Tweet It!

  1. It’s like that story where a guy was pushed in front of a subway train. A photographer set up his shot instead of trying to help the guy that fell. If I remember correctly no one tried to help. You hear more often too of people being sued for trying to help!

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