Discover the Healing Aspects of Diamond Light

I love Quantum Wellness, and if I’d been listening to Nancy and her nephew Jeff, I would not be sitting here with bronchitis and a sinus infection again. Ugh! Nancy, here I come!

Nancy Wharton

Something that is often overlooked as an aid to help any body system is color, which can be a powerful healer.  Read on to discover the properties of Diamond light.

Each color is a light frequency which may be used in meditation to immerse your physical, etheric, emotional and lower mental body in its vibration.  It has been found that the mere act of wearing or gazing upon a specific color may bring about a change in mood and therefore a change in well-being.

Diamond light may be used to have the faith that everything is going to be fine.  Do you experience feelings of dread?  Do you have uncontrollable, unreasonable fear that grips you and you can’t seem to let it go?  Do you fear that your goals and dreams will never be fulfilled?

If these statements resonate with you, then you may need some Diamond light in…

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