Fanny Packs, Sporty Spice and Pukey Kids


I haven’t really had much time and/or energy to actually sit and write a post, so I’m going to try to do that now.

Italian Flag by Floris M. Oosterveld

First, I’d like to tell you about my Italian husband.  He has decided, after years of doing nothing, that he’s now a runner.  He went to Modell’s and bought sweat pants which were too long, so he chopped them down.  He purchased Nike sneakers and then of course couldn’t run until he installed the little chippy thing that tells you how much you’ve run.  Then, he asked me for a sweatshirt, which I gave him.  He was now entirely covered in blue.  He had to use my sparkly headphones for his iPod, so that kind of set a tone, you might say. 

He walked out of the house and across the street, and I was overcome by the desire to yell something out to him, encouraging him to do what he had to do.  So I said, “You GO Sporty Spice!  You GO GIRL”!!!!!  Well, I found it very funny.  He just ignored me.  And got into the car…

See, I thought he was going to run around our little suburban town, but instead he went…to the mall?  And was speedwalking??  Holy shit, I cannot tell you how much of a laugh that gave me. Oh!  And the best part!!  Before leaving the house, he asked me how he was supposed to carry his keys, iPod, cash, whatever.  I said “I don’t know.  Just don’t get a fanny pack”.  Yes, you guessed it! He went on a google quest to find a fanny pack, and ultimately went to (wait for it)   WALMART!!!! Ahahhahahhahahhah!!! He kept saying “what is this afanny park?”  I couldn’t breathe.  I felt like I was in an episode of Little Britain. 

Okay, so that was the fun part.  The not so fun part was that I had my billionth sinus infection/bronchitis two for one special last week and was stuck inside being cranky and coughy everyday.  I finally got out on Sunday, and it was magnificent!!!!  On Monday?  Not so much. Kiddo woke up and puked.  Then she puked again.  Here we are on Wednesday and the poor child is still pukey.  Spoke to the doc on Monday and brought her there today.  It’s working its way out of her system.  Tonight was the most animated I’ve seen her in days, and it was great.  She ate watermelon and was doing awesome, then puked again.  I’m keeping her home again tomorrow.  My poor baby. 

I think that’s all I have for you at the moment.  I hope you and your families are well AND happy.  Here’s a little fanny pack image for y’all.  Nope, the Italian remains unarmed and thankfully has not yet tried on Mom Jeans. 

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