Operation Bleeding Heart Day 2.

I love this, and I so appreciate it. Awesome!

whiny baby

In October 2008, when I was a few months out of college and working a retail job that made me feel like a total waste of space, my brother-in-law called us and offered us two week-old kittens he’d found in a garage.


I jumped at the chance to escape my miserable work life and took some time off for an “emergency caregiving situation” (to this day, perhaps the biggest lie by omission I have ever told).  I spent the next several weeks mixing up kitten milk replacement formula and bottle-feeding these two gremlins


and then teaching them how to pee in a litter box and then how to lap up milk and then how to eat solid food (my husband helped, obviously, but he was gone most of the day at something called an actual job).

These hand-raised monsters are the cats we still have and we have all…

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