Friday’s Flunkies

Hello there. 

I don’t have all that much to talk about, but here’s what’s happening in my life. 

My sister forced me to go to Walmart earlier this week.  It was a terrible experience. As I was looking for plain white t-shirts for Kiddo and I to tye-dye, an announcement came over the loud speaker about a special “gift” to all adult shoppers.  I ignore these things (as I also try to ignore Walmart) and went about looking for the crafty stuff. I headed across an aisle and was immediately nearly rear ended by this elderly broad on one of those scooter things.  For whatever reason, I said “oh, I’m sorry…” after she nearly murdered me. So I walked the other way, and bitch on wheels was following me AGAIN!  Apparently,she believed I was headed to this amazing giveaway of whatever cheap shit Walmart was peddling that day, and thought of me as her personal guide.  I didn’t apologize the second time she nearly ran smack into my legs.  I said something that wasn’t as nice.  🙂

This is not the lady. However, this is an awesome puppet, and you can get to the blog I borrowed it from which is really interesting!


This whole GMO thing is really getting to me and I’m concerned about it.  You can’t mess with dna and not expect there to be some long term effects of that, right?  That’s been on my mind a whole lot this week.  And before that I was thrilled that everyone can marry now, legally, but seriously NOT thrilled that the Voting Rights Act got shot down.  I guess we can’t be given EVERYTHING that’s rightfully ours in America. 

So, that’s all I got for tonight.  I keep trying to write, and my daughter keeps refusing to sleep.  She’s lucky I’m out of my mind in love with her!  🙂

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