Japanese Ghost Island – Gunkanjima

There’s a ghost island in Japan.  It’s called Gunkanjima – have you heard of it?  I read something about it on the weather site, and when I googled, I lucked into finding the blog I’m showing you which is brilliant and the photographs are tremendous.


Apparently there was ample coal to mine once upon a time, but when things changed and coal wasn’t so sought after, everyone abandoned the island in what seems like a day or two.


These images are spooky and beautiful.  I advise you to check out the entire site!

Gunkanjima: Ruins of a Forbidden Island | Gakuranman • Adventure First.

93 Year Old Tattoos Traditionally in Kalinga! And She’s Beautiful!


I love that she still does these stick and poke tattoos on people, although most of her tribe is now unmarked.  I can’t imagine how much this must hurt, but it’s so intriguing!

In Kalinga, tattoo by 93-year-old artist is skin-deep with pride and ancient traditions | Lifestyle: InterAksyon.com.

I Want To Be Here. Dammit!


It’s a festival.  On the Queen Mary.  In California.

Great tattoo artists.  Amazing car show.  But, but, but….BAD BRAINS!!! DEAD KENNEDYS!!! THE STRANGLERS!!!! THE FLESHTONES!!!!

And Oh My God – IGGY AND THE STOOGES!!!  It’s like a ancient pseudo punk’s DREAM.  Of course, I can’t go to Cali.  I have my daughter’s field day tomorrow and other, you know, mom stuff to do.  But part of my heart will be on that ship, drinking tequila, getting inked and seeing the bands that helped me vent most of that crankiness out in my actual teen years!!!

Attending Tattoo Artists |.