Ink For Nick! NJ Boy With Cancer Gets Help From Inkers and Ink Fans In August

Nick Wihlborg, 10, of Stanhope was diagnosed with cancer, and his parents, Nick and Lori, are working hard at raising money to pay for his treatment. 

God, I really hope they raise what they need and even more, I hope Nick gets through this just fine!

Nick Wihlborg 1

Tattoo fans to get inked for Stanhope boy, 10, with cancer |

Ohio Tattoo Artists Doin It For The Dogs!

$20 for a paw print tattoo, and if done by Bryon Smith or Shannon Everheart, the full $20 goes to the program that actually rehabilitates people in prison.  It’s good for humans, it’s good for dogs!  Go show some love Ohio!

Lancaster tattoo parlor will donate money from paw print tattoos | Lancaster Eagle Gazette |

Get Some Ink, Grant A Wish!

I really do love these stories, and want to send a huge thank you to Leann Campas for organizing “Tattoos For Life”.  The current charity that is receiving ink funds is Make A Wish Foundation.  Who could be mad at that? I hope they raise a ton of money in Pennsylvania!! The dates for the fundraising are May 4th at Chris Longo’s Town Hall Tattoo – 28 1/2 Wyoming Valley Mall Road, Wilkes-Barre – inside the mall, and on May 12th at Anatomic Body Arts at 330 East 5th Street in Bloomsburg.  Click the link for more information, or go here.


Get inked and give back – Times Leader.

All You Need Is Love. And Tattoos. And Compassion!

As much as these kinds of stories break my heart, it reassures my cynical side that there are such wonderful people on this planet.  From hospice workers to tattoo artists, the amount of love and compassion for those who need help is kind of staggering.  In a good way.  

Hannah Windsor - Beautiful Little Girl.  Rest in peace.



The Enquirer :: Tattoo studio ready to ink in memory of Hannah.