Air New Zealand To Applicant: No Visible Tattoos Allowed! Even Traditional Maori Ta Moko

This is pretty messed up.  Claire Nathan has a ta moko on her arm.  For a much better definition and description of a ta moko, click on the link above.  But suffice it to say that this is cultural marking and shouldn’t be considered your standard tattoo.  Pretty extreme discrimination for Air New Zealand in my opinion.  What do you think??


Tattoo wrangle: Air NZ ‘cutting off its nose to spite its face’ – Business – NZ Herald News.

Tattooed Body Found Along Hudson River  – Can You Help ID?

Body found in New York City river needs identification.  It’s the pyramid from the back of a dollar bill – photo is not pleasant, but if you think you know where the work came from or someone who had this ink on their shoulder, please check it out.  Thanks.

Mystic eye tattoo is main clue in identifying body found along Hudson River  – NY Daily News.

I Love You – Be Good!

To me, this is beautiful.  What do you think?

Woman gets a touching tattoo tribute to her late mother.  You can read the story if you want, but in a nutshell, a mother left on vacation, her daughter came to take care of the house, and found this note from her Mom.  Unexpectedly, her mother passed while away and the daughter memorialized her with the above tattoo.

TatuBaby Has The Prettiest Name!

I liked her so much on Ink Master.  She’s got her own style, and she’s not afraid of color.  Plus I thought she was pretty damn classy.

But her name is Katherine Flores!!!!!  And she’s calling herself Tatu Baby.  That’s gotta stop dude.  Anywayz….Cool article on Urban Ink! : The Tattoo Website for People of Color : Celebrity Ink.

Justin Nordine And His Gorgeous Water Color Tattoo Work!

I found this article about Justin Nordine and then did some further digging.  Glad I dug.  I LOVE his style, and if I ever get to Colorado, I’ma look him up!

Talented AND cute!

GJ artists unique tattoo style turning heads |

And here is Justin’s site.  Truthfully – he’s really got a way with color.