I’m Back

I hate to say this, but my husband was right. I should never have left you, my little piece of blog paradise! I so missed this.

But. There are changes going forward. I haven’t supported just tattoos for quite some time. So I have to change the blog name and allow myself to write and post all the random coolness I want to share.

I hope you’ll stick around!



Valuable information!

Wendt Worth Corgi's Weblog

I had received this some time ago but was just talking to someone about how not to allow ice cold water or ice cubes in the water in extreme heat/humidity like we’ve been having or an over hot dog after running when they are panting heavily. They had never heard of this. So with that I thought it would be a good idea to post this as a warning and precaution in hopes this will be valuable advice to someone.


Hello Everyone,

I am writing this in hopes that some may learn from what I just went through. We were having a good weekend till Saturday. On Saturday I showed my Baran and left the ring. He was looking good and at the top of his game. He had a chance at no
less then one of the two AOM’s.

It did not work out that way…

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Hope and Joy Amid Difficulty: The Lowland

I cannot wait to read this!!! I adore Jhumpa Lahiri. I feel like I slip into a trance when I read her words.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

I’ve been a fan of Jhumpa Lahiri’s since reading her first novel The Namesake (2003), and I moved from there to her short stories, including the Pulitzer Prize–winning collection Interpreter of Maladies (1999).  I will read anything she writes.  So when her second novel The Lowland (2013) came out last year, I jumped at the chance to read it.  I quickly put my name on the library list, and then I had to wait many months to actually get my hands on it.  It was worth the wait.


The novel is about two brothers, born around World War II.  Udayan becomes a Naxalite Communist in India in the 1960s, while the Subhash goes to Rhode Island for school.  He stays in the United States and earns a Ph.D., eventually marrying his brother’s wife!  It is an interesting and tragic twist of fate.  His brother is arrested and executed for being…

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I’d Like To Repurpose Myself Into Someone…Who Can Repurpose Stuff…???

Far and away, my favorite on this is the piano.

Now, of course this would come crashing off the wall, sending the shih tzus flying for the door and me probably beneath it.  But it does look cool.

This one, below, is my second favorite, and I believe my friend Steve from The A Room Studios, should do it.

Creative Ways to Repurpose & Reuse Old Stuff – StumbleUpon.

Call Me – I’m Live On The Old Telephone!

This is me y’all! Please check out my other blog, and if you’re in the mood for a reading, give me a call! You can either do it through Keen, or you can email me at magzmama@gmail.com to schedule one.


I am on Keen.com right now people! Give me a call for a reading you won’t forget, plus you get 3 minutes for free!  Happy Tuesday!

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I discovered that I could hear voices. Afraid that I was losing my very young mind, I informed my mother, who told me that this was also something her grandmother had experienced in Ireland and that it was a blessing, not a curse. Listening to the voices made me realize that they were, in fact, telling me truthful, helpful and meaningful things. I got my first deck of cards around this time, and the way I taught myself to read was really by painting a picture and putting it together the way that only I can and do. Often I get little “insights” that help put the puzzle together. More than a reader and psychic…

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Flattery, Thievery, Or Just Plain Business?

This is a truly interesting and important topic on the ownership of art and what’s essentially right or wrong. Enjoy!

TAM Blog

By Deb Yarian


photo 1

Almost daily, people come in to my shop with drawings or illustrations that they want tattooed on them.
More times than not they get them on line- Pinterest or another source, without a clue as to who the original artist is.
Now I am not speaking of a photo of an existing tattoo done by a known to you, or unknown to you tattoo artist.
My question is – as a tattooer, is it my responsibility to search for the artist, contact them and ask for their permission to do a tattoo based on or directly from their artwork?
I ask this question because i’ve read a few blogs and articles on the subject of plagiarism recently regarding tattoos, and it started affecting how I do business…
Case in point- a girl came in to my shop to make an appointment- she has with her a…

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Happy New Year!!!!


Hey everybody.  Hope you’re all well, and happy and as stress free as possible.  

We had a cute little blizzard this morning/last night, and everything looks so clean and pure and new!  Of course, that’s because I haven’t had to go outside to shovel or do any of the “real” stuff – just look out the window, and toss two winter coated shih tzus out the back door!  

I would love to hear your plans for the new year.  Your wishes, dreams, dreads, whatever.  Will ya tell me?? 

And if you’re interested in a reading, get in touch today!   My email is magzmama@gmail.com, or call me at (516) 495-9775.