Finally? Arrests In The Madeleine McCann Case Coming

My heart goes out to this family.  I hope whatever will happen brings some measure of peace to her family, however small a comfort that may be.

What do YOU think happened to this little girl?

British police ‘preparing to make arrests’ in Madeleine McCann case | UK news |

Awww. He’s Sick. I Wanna Kill Him!

Joy joy

I’m flabbergasted. (And I can’t seem to get rid of that image of the happy birthday cake.  Pretend it says Happy Fucking New Year, okay?)

Hah hah! I’ve always wanted to use that word.

Now, I get sick on an average of 4 to 5 or even 6 times per year. I rang in the new year with a sinus/ear special infection, and have been recovering with the cursed antibiotics since.


My husband, who proudly proclaims that he’s NEVER sick, is just that. Sick. He’s got bronchitis, and as soon as he got the Official Seal of Bronchitis, he’s taken to having a mantra of “I feel so sick” and then “oh my God”, and occasionally, “am I gonna die?” The final question has had a change in answer since yesterday. I now tell him “yes, yes you will. It’s up to you if it’s sooner or later”.


Whining. Requesting all kinds of things. Being a total pain in the ass. Begging to have his temperature taken every 20 minutes.


But I’m a Buddhist, and I’m working on my compassion. I’m trying, honestly. I have to wonder what the neighbors think as I walk from the sickbed (bedroom) to the kitchen saying something along the lines of “Okay honey. I’ll get you more water. And then I’ll dump it over your fucking head if you don’t stop telling me how shitty you feel and how to handle our daughter from your bed!!!!!”


Do you know that yesterday was so bad that when my sister picked up Kiddo and I to go to Walmart, I was excited!!! I HATE Walmart with a passion!!!!


Ah, and on the final bit. I am now sick. Ugh. I feel so sick. Oh my GOD! Am I gonna die??


Ink For Nick! NJ Boy With Cancer Gets Help From Inkers and Ink Fans In August

Nick Wihlborg, 10, of Stanhope was diagnosed with cancer, and his parents, Nick and Lori, are working hard at raising money to pay for his treatment. 

God, I really hope they raise what they need and even more, I hope Nick gets through this just fine!

Nick Wihlborg 1

Tattoo fans to get inked for Stanhope boy, 10, with cancer |

About A Boy

I had found a little blurb about an air conditioner falling out the window of Louise Wise Services in the 80s that landed on a man and killed him, so I googled the agency and this is what I found.  

This is an old article written by Lisa Belkin.  It’s really shocking and upsetting.  Louise Wise Services, an agency that matched childless Jewish couples with babies seemed to have a whole lot of trouble telling potential parents the truth of where the children were coming from.  Mostly mental hospitals.  Check it out.  It’s very interesting.

via What the Jumans Didnt Know About Michael – New York Times.

Richard Stell Could Use Your Help…

Richard Stell4e9c80ccbc0e11e2ba2d22000a1f97cd_7

How many people are graced with his art?  They get to wear it for the rest of their lives, and I think that’s awesome.  But sadly, Richard had a heart attack,  is very ill and is in need of a triple bypass to save his life.  He needs our help to get that lifesaving surgery and to deal with what comes after that operation. is his paypal address, and any and all contributions will be gratefully appreciated.

For images of Richard’s amazing work – click here.  Please share and repost – this is critical.

In the meantime, I’m sending prayers and love to Richard and his family.  I hope you will too.  My warmest thanks to Chuey Quintanar for allowing me to share to to hopefully help this great American artist and his family.  Thanks everyone!

All You Need Is Love. And Tattoos. And Compassion!

As much as these kinds of stories break my heart, it reassures my cynical side that there are such wonderful people on this planet.  From hospice workers to tattoo artists, the amount of love and compassion for those who need help is kind of staggering.  In a good way.  

Hannah Windsor - Beautiful Little Girl.  Rest in peace.



The Enquirer :: Tattoo studio ready to ink in memory of Hannah.

Someone Is Dying In The Road…Let’s Take a Pic and Tweet It!

Now, clearly the dude thought that the person was drunk and just chilling in the middle of the road.  But couldn’t he tell that maybe something was a bit off?  You know, while taking a picture and posting to Twitter?  I can’t see how it would have hurt to call 999 (911 here) and get the cops to come anonymously.

The thing that bothers me almost as much as this cavalier tweet is the comments blaming Americans, blaming Brits, blaming rap culture for the rampant insensitivity.  You can blame me, you can blame yourself and everyone around us for it.  Look at these kids that bully to the point of victim suicide.  Do you think they’re sorry? Dude, they’re not sorry.  That’s a victory to them.  And there’s something seriously wrong here.  In my day, we called those people sociopaths.  Today they just have a personality disorder.  In my mind, we call this criminal harassment, yet we insist on calling it bullying.  We’re insensitive, and it’s OUR fault.  It’s not just here in the US or in Britain.  It’s everywhere.  I want your feedback on this peeps.  Thank you!

Driver Tweets Pic Of Dying Hit And Run

Too Late For The Cops...

Victim Instead Of Calling Police.