Peace, Restored

peace street

Here is a follow up for those of you who are interested. I told you before how it pisses me off to be pissed off. And I was seriously pissed at my husband. Now, there is no doubt I will be again, but for right now, I am okay with him. I told him that I wanted an apology (a real one) and some flowers.

Instead, he bought me a new tablet, and then apologized to me in front of our daughter. It felt sincere and actually made me feel better.

So, all is forgiven….until next time!

Master Inker?

File:Dave Navarro 2010.jpg

I didn’t get to see Ink Master last night.  Oh my god, I wanted to see it so badly!  Like I was a 16 year old wanting to see Johnny Rotten perform live (yeah, I wanted that all the time when I was 16.  17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and probably for a few more years too).  But Kiddo couldn’t sleep.  She was scared.  So I shed Mama Tattoo to be plain old Mama and cuddled up in her bed with her.

There’s nothing quite like sleeping with my daughter.  I have to make her face the wall and not speak to me.  This is an exercise in futility.  She likes to “talk” to me about, well, everything.  This is where she tells me that her teacher tells her to wake up during the day.  It’s when she tells me her real feelings about her classmates (she does this using a scale of her 7 year old hands being spread apart or slammed together.  Sometimes the hands spread apart, come together and form a heart.  This I usually miss because I’ve turned the other way in an effort to ignore her.  But it’s impossible.  I’m sorry, look, I know how irritating it is to hear about someone’s kid, but mine is so frigging entertaining, and sweet, and funny.

I fell asleep moments after I felt the twitch.  She twitches as she falls asleep.  I usually wait for two twitches and then it’s safe to get up and go to the living room.  I was out before #2!

So don’t tell me who won.  I will watch it today after volunteering for the book fair in Kiddo’s school.  My guess is that Tatu Baby will be out, that Joey will be out and that Jime will win.  Coming back next year should be Kyle.  I was so sad to see him go.  I love Tatu Baby, but I really thought he should have been part of the final three.

I totally loved Craig, and I have to say I didn’t like the show as much once he was gone.

I’ll update when I catch up!!

Friday’s Flunkies

Hello there. 

I don’t have all that much to talk about, but here’s what’s happening in my life. 

My sister forced me to go to Walmart earlier this week.  It was a terrible experience. As I was looking for plain white t-shirts for Kiddo and I to tye-dye, an announcement came over the loud speaker about a special “gift” to all adult shoppers.  I ignore these things (as I also try to ignore Walmart) and went about looking for the crafty stuff. I headed across an aisle and was immediately nearly rear ended by this elderly broad on one of those scooter things.  For whatever reason, I said “oh, I’m sorry…” after she nearly murdered me. So I walked the other way, and bitch on wheels was following me AGAIN!  Apparently,she believed I was headed to this amazing giveaway of whatever cheap shit Walmart was peddling that day, and thought of me as her personal guide.  I didn’t apologize the second time she nearly ran smack into my legs.  I said something that wasn’t as nice.  🙂

This is not the lady. However, this is an awesome puppet, and you can get to the blog I borrowed it from which is really interesting!


This whole GMO thing is really getting to me and I’m concerned about it.  You can’t mess with dna and not expect there to be some long term effects of that, right?  That’s been on my mind a whole lot this week.  And before that I was thrilled that everyone can marry now, legally, but seriously NOT thrilled that the Voting Rights Act got shot down.  I guess we can’t be given EVERYTHING that’s rightfully ours in America. 

So, that’s all I got for tonight.  I keep trying to write, and my daughter keeps refusing to sleep.  She’s lucky I’m out of my mind in love with her!  🙂

Been Away…

But I’m coming back.  Kiddo is on her summer vacation and I’ve been doing my best to be with her as much as possible.  The problem is that she (okay, and I.  And the Italian too) are all seriously hooked on Dance Moms.  Why?  I don’t know.  But she likes me to be one of the women and she’s either one of the girls or she’s Abby.  This goes on and on and on until I need to drink like the dance moms do!

But I’m here to say that I’m going to devote more time to the blog because I love it and I hope I’ll get more and more feedback from you all.  Thanks everyone! 

Vacuums And Meatballs And Fake Cooking Shows

Oh I hope you can handle what I have to tell you today.  It’s chock full of interesting tidbits and various less interesting morsels.

I have been sick for about 3 to 4 weeks.  Straight.  No chaser (well, unless you count the most unpleasant side effects of 3 or 4 different antibiotics).  That’s why my absence has been felt by each and every one of you loyal readers out there for what must seem like ages!

Yeah, I’m kidding.  But I really have been sick and feeling shitty for what seems an endless span of time.  And today….drum roll please….I feel BETTER!  I have energy!  I’m acting silly without the benefit of cough medicine blessed by codeine!

I’m living amidst clutter.  Not like HOARDERS really, but lots of clothes that are clean but have no “home” and sheets, blankets, pillows that don’t fit into our joke of a linen closet. So I used the vacuum bags I purchased just before getting sick (well, more like a year ago and just had them kind of stacked up, but that’s more of the same, isn’t it?)  I put all this stuff into the bags and then moved them to the computer room.  Where they stay.  Unvacuumed and huge.  Ugh!


This is an actual photo of the meatballs simmering in my crock pot right now!!!!!

But then this morning, I guess I had a little inspiration.  I decided to make meatballs.  This is one thing I believe I do very, very well.  Naturally, my husband became a vegetarian about 3 years ago, so he’ll have no part in this, except that he’s complaining that they smell so good, and is actually taking Kiddo out for a special Papa/Kiddo day which includes 1) signing her out of school about 45 minutes early, 2) going to see Monsters Inc in 3D, and finally 3) going to their favorite Italian restaurant for dinner together.  Isn’t that awesome??  I love these things.  That’s what I’m sure she’ll remember when she’s older. So it’ll be me and the meatballs.  Maybe my sister.  Definitely pasta.

While prepping the meatballs, I pretended to have my own cooking show, and talked my way through the entire thing to Kody.  Kody should be a pit bull, but he’s a Shih Tzuh.  He was so attentive and polite.  He kept hoping something would fall.  It was all really very funny, even if it was nutty.


Kody Odie Odie. Meatball Lover.

Now, while all this was happening, Italian Husband is doing what he does all the friggin time, which is playing FIFA.  The only difference is that he now has a weird game capture thing so he can RECORD himself SITTING on his ASS, playing SOCCER/FOOTBALL and then make BEST OF COMPILATIONS to put on YouTube.  I’m at the end of my rope.  I hear Martin Tyler and that other doofus Alan Smith in my dreams at this point.  Can anyone tell me if Alan Smith is Andy’s character from Little Britain’s Lou & Andy?? Is it just me???

The Football

I promise to return with a Little Britain clip and a review of my meatballs by me, and of

course, by Kody.  Love yas!!

Little Asthma Annie

I have just rushed my daughter off to school, and have returned to try to finally write a little bit. Have you even noticed I was gone???

Bronchitis blended with Asthma is what I have and have been suffering with for the past week. I believe assitis is the technical term. The adorable doctor at the local strip mall doc joint told me that I must have prednisone. I despise prednisone. But I was very worried that I was once again going to have pneumonia, and I definitely hate that more, so I decided to try it. Do you know that it actually WORKS??? Holy moly. Glad to be done with it, but really grateful for its existence.



My sister (remember the StormDoor Kicker?) took us all out to lunch and to a matinee of Annie on Broadway last week. Two and a half hours at a musical in the balcony. I was prepared for torture. Now, please understand that I was sick as a dog, feverish (yet not contagious per the cute doctor) and cranky. But we got to the city, and I managed to hone my beacon of bitchiness soley on my husband, who deserved it all heartily, and managed to spare my sister and daughter. We went to the Olive Garden, because that’s where you go in New York City where you can get anything on earth (and trust me, it was GREAT somehow – in no small part thanks to our server named Angela who went above and beyond and I’d adopt her if I could). Then onto the theater, where I was so pleasantly surprised at how not-scared I was of being in the balcony plus doubly shocked that the seats were great. And finally, the play was amazing. No, seriously. Amazing. It was creepy, funny, dramatic and kid ruled. My fever broke during the first act, and two and a half hours just flew by in a flash.

Since then, I’ve been taking care of myself and trying to get well. So far, so good.

How are all of you doing???? I missed you!!!


Surviving The Storm / Feeling Guilty And Oh So Lucky


These pictures are of Sandy.  In Jersey, NYC, Queens and of course on Long Island.  We were so lucky, that I don’t even understand how we came through this unscathed.  We even have power.

The storm was scary as hell, and I worried about my 20 foot maple tree, but she withstood those crazy winds beautifully.  Even my little cute dwarf tree in the front yard is still happily there and alive.

Most of my friends have no power, or just got it back.  We’re offering a warm place to sleep, shower, eat, whatever.  People were checking on each other during the times when it was safe to venture out, and I’m convinced that this is the best neighborhood ever.

We got to take Kiddo and her bff trick or treating yesterday, and it was so much fun to see neighbors outside their houses with the candy bowls waiting for the kids.  You can’t cancel Halloween!  The kids scored big time and we got to check on the people who live all around us, and my sister’s street as well.  Huge tree down there, and my sister has siding hanging from the top of her house and a busted window.  Lucky.  Her side of the street has power, but the opposite side doesn’t.  There are extension cords running from the side to side so nobody has to suffer – isn’t that awesome??

So that’s my check in, and those are photos culled from the internet to show things you’ve probably already seen.  Heartbreaking.  Hope you and yours are doing great!