Finally? Arrests In The Madeleine McCann Case Coming

My heart goes out to this family.  I hope whatever will happen brings some measure of peace to her family, however small a comfort that may be.

What do YOU think happened to this little girl?

British police ‘preparing to make arrests’ in Madeleine McCann case | UK news |

Awww. He’s Sick. I Wanna Kill Him!

Joy joy

I’m flabbergasted. (And I can’t seem to get rid of that image of the happy birthday cake.  Pretend it says Happy Fucking New Year, okay?)

Hah hah! I’ve always wanted to use that word.

Now, I get sick on an average of 4 to 5 or even 6 times per year. I rang in the new year with a sinus/ear special infection, and have been recovering with the cursed antibiotics since.


My husband, who proudly proclaims that he’s NEVER sick, is just that. Sick. He’s got bronchitis, and as soon as he got the Official Seal of Bronchitis, he’s taken to having a mantra of “I feel so sick” and then “oh my God”, and occasionally, “am I gonna die?” The final question has had a change in answer since yesterday. I now tell him “yes, yes you will. It’s up to you if it’s sooner or later”.


Whining. Requesting all kinds of things. Being a total pain in the ass. Begging to have his temperature taken every 20 minutes.


But I’m a Buddhist, and I’m working on my compassion. I’m trying, honestly. I have to wonder what the neighbors think as I walk from the sickbed (bedroom) to the kitchen saying something along the lines of “Okay honey. I’ll get you more water. And then I’ll dump it over your fucking head if you don’t stop telling me how shitty you feel and how to handle our daughter from your bed!!!!!”


Do you know that yesterday was so bad that when my sister picked up Kiddo and I to go to Walmart, I was excited!!! I HATE Walmart with a passion!!!!


Ah, and on the final bit. I am now sick. Ugh. I feel so sick. Oh my GOD! Am I gonna die??


Peace, Restored

peace street

Here is a follow up for those of you who are interested. I told you before how it pisses me off to be pissed off. And I was seriously pissed at my husband. Now, there is no doubt I will be again, but for right now, I am okay with him. I told him that I wanted an apology (a real one) and some flowers.

Instead, he bought me a new tablet, and then apologized to me in front of our daughter. It felt sincere and actually made me feel better.

So, all is forgiven….until next time!

Ganesh Finds His Way Back Home. Took 24 Years, But His Tattoo Helped!

Tattoo helps Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade find his mum in India after 24 years | Herald Sun.

What an amazing story. His parents boarded a train without him, and they never found each other again. Until now. It really makes me wonder how this could happen…but I’m glad he found his family!

Master Inker?

File:Dave Navarro 2010.jpg

I didn’t get to see Ink Master last night.  Oh my god, I wanted to see it so badly!  Like I was a 16 year old wanting to see Johnny Rotten perform live (yeah, I wanted that all the time when I was 16.  17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and probably for a few more years too).  But Kiddo couldn’t sleep.  She was scared.  So I shed Mama Tattoo to be plain old Mama and cuddled up in her bed with her.

There’s nothing quite like sleeping with my daughter.  I have to make her face the wall and not speak to me.  This is an exercise in futility.  She likes to “talk” to me about, well, everything.  This is where she tells me that her teacher tells her to wake up during the day.  It’s when she tells me her real feelings about her classmates (she does this using a scale of her 7 year old hands being spread apart or slammed together.  Sometimes the hands spread apart, come together and form a heart.  This I usually miss because I’ve turned the other way in an effort to ignore her.  But it’s impossible.  I’m sorry, look, I know how irritating it is to hear about someone’s kid, but mine is so frigging entertaining, and sweet, and funny.

I fell asleep moments after I felt the twitch.  She twitches as she falls asleep.  I usually wait for two twitches and then it’s safe to get up and go to the living room.  I was out before #2!

So don’t tell me who won.  I will watch it today after volunteering for the book fair in Kiddo’s school.  My guess is that Tatu Baby will be out, that Joey will be out and that Jime will win.  Coming back next year should be Kyle.  I was so sad to see him go.  I love Tatu Baby, but I really thought he should have been part of the final three.

I totally loved Craig, and I have to say I didn’t like the show as much once he was gone.

I’ll update when I catch up!!

Friday’s Flunkies

Hello there. 

I don’t have all that much to talk about, but here’s what’s happening in my life. 

My sister forced me to go to Walmart earlier this week.  It was a terrible experience. As I was looking for plain white t-shirts for Kiddo and I to tye-dye, an announcement came over the loud speaker about a special “gift” to all adult shoppers.  I ignore these things (as I also try to ignore Walmart) and went about looking for the crafty stuff. I headed across an aisle and was immediately nearly rear ended by this elderly broad on one of those scooter things.  For whatever reason, I said “oh, I’m sorry…” after she nearly murdered me. So I walked the other way, and bitch on wheels was following me AGAIN!  Apparently,she believed I was headed to this amazing giveaway of whatever cheap shit Walmart was peddling that day, and thought of me as her personal guide.  I didn’t apologize the second time she nearly ran smack into my legs.  I said something that wasn’t as nice.  🙂

This is not the lady. However, this is an awesome puppet, and you can get to the blog I borrowed it from which is really interesting!


This whole GMO thing is really getting to me and I’m concerned about it.  You can’t mess with dna and not expect there to be some long term effects of that, right?  That’s been on my mind a whole lot this week.  And before that I was thrilled that everyone can marry now, legally, but seriously NOT thrilled that the Voting Rights Act got shot down.  I guess we can’t be given EVERYTHING that’s rightfully ours in America. 

So, that’s all I got for tonight.  I keep trying to write, and my daughter keeps refusing to sleep.  She’s lucky I’m out of my mind in love with her!  🙂

Been Away…

But I’m coming back.  Kiddo is on her summer vacation and I’ve been doing my best to be with her as much as possible.  The problem is that she (okay, and I.  And the Italian too) are all seriously hooked on Dance Moms.  Why?  I don’t know.  But she likes me to be one of the women and she’s either one of the girls or she’s Abby.  This goes on and on and on until I need to drink like the dance moms do!

But I’m here to say that I’m going to devote more time to the blog because I love it and I hope I’ll get more and more feedback from you all.  Thanks everyone!