Shooting Up A Tattoo Shop Cuz They Won’t Pierce You….

So this woman goes to a tattoo shop around 10PM.  She asks for a piercing.  I can’t help but wonder what she wanted pierced.  They inform her that they do not do piercings.  She leaves.  She comes back with a dude, and shoots up the shop and a car. (I wonder if this is Trinity Tattoo???  Anyone know?)

This is Colorado, Sally.  Not Florida.  Go smoke a little weed and relax.  You can get a hole put into your body tomorrow!!!

An Image Of Bullets And A Window Or Something


7NEWS – Shots fired outside tattoo shop after woman denied a piercing – Local Story.

He Has A Spider On His Cheek. But They Can’t Find Him. Oh! This is Florida!

I’m sorry Florida.

There really, honestly has to be something in your water.

Why can’t anyone find this dude?  I mean, he has a HUGE FRIGGIN SPIDER ON HIS FACE!!!

Playing Hard To Get/Catch?

I don’t mean to be rude, but I really believe that Florida needs a massive, massive overhaul.  Massive.  Am I right??

Deltona man with spider facial tattoo wanted in attack |

Someone Is Dying In The Road…Let’s Take a Pic and Tweet It!

Now, clearly the dude thought that the person was drunk and just chilling in the middle of the road.  But couldn’t he tell that maybe something was a bit off?  You know, while taking a picture and posting to Twitter?  I can’t see how it would have hurt to call 999 (911 here) and get the cops to come anonymously.

The thing that bothers me almost as much as this cavalier tweet is the comments blaming Americans, blaming Brits, blaming rap culture for the rampant insensitivity.  You can blame me, you can blame yourself and everyone around us for it.  Look at these kids that bully to the point of victim suicide.  Do you think they’re sorry? Dude, they’re not sorry.  That’s a victory to them.  And there’s something seriously wrong here.  In my day, we called those people sociopaths.  Today they just have a personality disorder.  In my mind, we call this criminal harassment, yet we insist on calling it bullying.  We’re insensitive, and it’s OUR fault.  It’s not just here in the US or in Britain.  It’s everywhere.  I want your feedback on this peeps.  Thank you!

Driver Tweets Pic Of Dying Hit And Run

Too Late For The Cops...

Victim Instead Of Calling Police.

Asshole From Ohio

I don’t believe in the death penalty.  However, I would make an exception for this mini demon, and I’d do it all myself to boot.  My prayers go to the families of the boys he murdered.

School shooter wears killer shirt to sentencing | National & World News | – Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News – Portland, Oregon.

Tattooing Your Name Across A Girl’s Face. Yeah. Not Feeling It.

Internet-Famous Tattoo Artist Inks His Name Across Teen Girlfriend's Face 24 Hours After Meeting Her

Yeah, this one makes no sense to me.  I hope it’s fake.  But this is the same dude that put 56 stars on that girl’s face (that she DID in fact ask for, but lied, said she fell asleep and yada yada yada).  And this actually bothers me… Maybe I AM too old for this scene!!

Internet-Famous Tattoo Artist Inks His Name Across Teen Girlfriends Face 24 Hours After Meeting Her.

Really Bad Tattoos Nab Suspect In Child Porn

I just seem to like tattoos more and more.  Even the really bad scratcher type when they put “people” like this in a place where they can’t hurt children.  They’re still looking for the male turd too, so please check the site to see if you recognize him.

Tattoo photos lead to womans arrest in global child porn investigation – U.S. News.

We’re Bracing For Sandy, That Bitch!


If you click on the above, you’ll see all kinds of dopey people walking the boardwalk of Long Beach while waves are crashing and bashing what’s left of the shore.

Dennis Rutowizz, of Babylon Village, takes in the

I’m a bit further inland, thankfully, but I’m a little scared.  I admit.  I don’t like the thought of elderly people on their own in my neighborhood, or of homeless animals and people around the state.  I dread losing electricity, or having some serious damage to our home.  But I’m glad Kiddo’s school is closed and that the husband doesn’t work tonight so we can be together and play games or watch movies if the power stays on.

These ARE the good old days!  Stay safe, and I hope to be able to check in with you all soon!