Are You A Good Drunk or a Bad Drunk?

This explains, well, everything about weepy drunks, happy drunks,  stupid asses who get drunk and become yet more obnoxious. 

I think I’m kind of an awesome drinker.  To start with, give me two drinks and I am flying.  I’m usually just less shy, slightly more physical and happy. 

What kinda drunk are you? Yeah yeah I know you’re not a drunk. What kind of drinker are you?

About A Boy

I had found a little blurb about an air conditioner falling out the window of Louise Wise Services in the 80s that landed on a man and killed him, so I googled the agency and this is what I found.  

This is an old article written by Lisa Belkin.  It’s really shocking and upsetting.  Louise Wise Services, an agency that matched childless Jewish couples with babies seemed to have a whole lot of trouble telling potential parents the truth of where the children were coming from.  Mostly mental hospitals.  Check it out.  It’s very interesting.

via What the Jumans Didnt Know About Michael – New York Times.