Talent: Marisa Kakoulas and Margot Mifflin On Tattooing

Such a great piece on Cool Hunting today!

Veteran tattoo artists that happen to be female.


I love the part about the gypsy tattoo.  That female face – why?  Don’t get me wrong, these can be beautiful.  But I’m just curious about what that actually means to the person who wants that tattoo.

Here is another great piece of history from the article:  “Jesse Knight, the first British female tattooist, who started in 1921. She learned from her dad, who tattooed the family crest on her back. She was the only female artist in the UK for decades; she ran her own shop and built her own machines. A client Knight tattooed when she was in her 60s remembers her lighting a match and holding it out to prove she still had a steady hand, and she still tattooed into the ‘80s. Happily, a lot of her flash and photos of her work survive—you can see it in the book. She was a true pioneer.”

Check out the article and the links to Powerhouse Arena regarding the panel discussion.

Interview: Marisa Kakoulas and Margot Mifflin on Tattooing in the New Millennium – Cool Hunting.

TatuBaby Has The Prettiest Name!

I liked her so much on Ink Master.  She’s got her own style, and she’s not afraid of color.  Plus I thought she was pretty damn classy.

But her name is Katherine Flores!!!!!  And she’s calling herself Tatu Baby.  That’s gotta stop dude.  Anywayz….Cool article on Urban Ink!

UrbanInk.com : The Tattoo Website for People of Color : Celebrity Ink.

Yay Yay Yay!!! It’s FreshInkMonday!!!

I am off to Beaver Tattoo in just a little while to FINALLY have work done that I will be able to see EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!! Don’t get me wrong, I love the  work on my back and ankle, but my arm is going to be inspiring me daily.

Wish me luck! I hope I sit like a champ yo!!! 

I ADORE Fuck Yeah Tattoos!!!

Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!.

It seems like lots of folks who are tattoo fans borrow from Fyeahtattoos.com, but don’t give them the righteous credit that they richly deserve.  I want to do that.  If you look at the cover page today, you’ll see this beautiful story of a woman who found her soulmate dog companion.  Trust me, it’s great.  Thank you Fyeah!!!  I lovez you!